On May 16th, ANRT and CEFIPRA signed a MoU to increase the number of Indian students enrolled in the CIFRE doctoral training programme, and reciprocally, the number of French doctoral students enrolled in the "Prime Minister Fellowship" programme.

Indian candidates:

More and more French companies have business with India and most of them have a subsidiary there. It could be very interesting for them to train in France their future R&D managers. The CIFRE programme is a good way: during 3 years, the Indian doctoral student is employed in France by the French company and realises his/her doctoral research under the supervision of an academic laboratory (in which works his/her thesis supervisor). Thus, he/she works between the company and the laboratory managing this public-private partnership. At the end of the 3 years, the doctoral student completes his/her thesis and could be employed by the French subsidiary or another, when he/she returns in India.

The minimum gross salary of doctoral student is € 23 484 per year.
The travel cost is paid by CEFIPRA.
ANRT gives directly to the company a funding of € 14 000 per year (during 3 years).

The application is open all during the year. The candidate can contact directly the offers below or the offers displayed on CEFIPRA's site.

French candidates:

You are interested by India, you dream to get an Indian professional experience?  Why not accomplish a doctoral training in India in the framework of Prime Minister Fellowship programme? Look at CEFIPRA, a doctoral training programme very close to CIFRE programme.

Offers will be published here soon.


Dr Debapriya Dutta, Director of Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA) and Mr Denis RANDET, General Manager of ANRT - 16th of May 2014

Présentation des CIFRE au Global University-Industry Congress 2013 :

Clarisse Angelier a présenté les dispositifs CIFRE lors du Global University-Industry Congress 2013 organisé par la CII, Confederation of Indian Industry, le Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India et l'All India Council for Technical Education Government of India à New Delhi, les 7 et 8 novembre 2013.